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Rebuttal Reports

Rebuttal Reports

MDA experts are highly experienced in reviewing reports submitted by other experts. Our intention in reviewing these reports on your behalf is to discover any of the following:

  • Incorrect assumptions that might impact calculation results
  • Faulty input data – from vehicle damage information, scene measurement data, or other raw data source
  • Incorrect interpretation of evidence
  • Oversights in evidence reviews
  • Mistakes in calculations
  • Improper methods or procedures in relation to best practices
  • Improper use of computer software to calculate, simulate or animate results.

How can MDA help with rebuttals?

To get started, please send us the report that you wish us to review to:

Gerry McDevitt
Chief Operations Officer
Once received, we will assign it to an expert in your region who will review it immediately and provide a prelimary opinion within 24 hours. If you need it sooner than that - no problem as long as you tell us in your email message.
For more information on how MDA partners can help you call: (843)343-4542