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Crash Simulation

Crash Simulation

The word “simulation“ comes up more and more in the field of crash investigation and reconstruction. MDA experts use simulation for the following purposes:

  • To verify results of calculations to determine impact speeds or impact positions.
  • To determine impact speeds or impact positions
  • To demonstrate why the conclusions advanced by other experts are incorrect.

At MDA we use the simulation software tools that are industry verified and widely accepted. These include HVE, PC Crash and others. MDA experts use these tools when the case requires it. Simulation of car crashes requires the user to input the conditions of the impact which includes impact speeds, wheel resistance, roadway surface conditions, steering angles and more.

Once those conditions are inputted, the user “ runs “ or “ plays “ the resulting simulation. The idea is to generate a simulation which is consistent with the actual vehicles motion as exhibited by scene evidence.

The user will confirm that the vehicle movement matches the physical evidence. Experts then present the courts with facts about the input conditions, assumptions, and the accuracy of the software. At MDA, we use simulations and can verify the input conditions to withstand a rigorous cross examination regarding the simulation software.

When to use crash simulations?

There are some cases that simulation software is highly useful.

Some situations where simulation can be applied to include:

  • Head on collisions to determine impact speeds and impact point.
  • Single vehicle collisions to determine speed and driver actions.
  • Critical analysis tool to show incorrect assessment of impact speeds by other experts

Why use Simulation?

You may ask why so many experts use these programs. The answer is because they are highly trained and state of the art professionals.

They will often use simulation software to demonstrate how another expert is wrong or inaccurate.

Expert simulation software reviews

Our experts are knowledgeable in all software packages used commonly for simulations. Detailed reports form the backbone of our presentations in companion with other exhibits such as animation movies, photos, etc.

Comprehensive Reports

In addition our experts will provide a simulation report (click to see sample) to verify that the time vs position and velocity information is 100% accurate.

Let us review other expert’s simulations

At MDA, we are experts at showing the sensitivity of simulations by generating a simulation mirroring the input data used by the opposing expert and how it affects the results.

If you have a case that involves an expert’s report founded on results from PC Crash, HVE or any of the SMAC software applications, we can provide you with an opinion on the accuracy of those result within 48 hours. Our report will not only include an opinion of the accuracy of the results put forward, but also a detailed overview of the accuracy of the simulation software in use.

What MDA can do for you regarding simulations?

MDA professionals use a variety of simulation software applications as a tool on certain cases.

We can review simulation results from other experts by importing the software file to our licensed versions and then truly understand the sensitivity of the output to error. This can be a very effective rebuttal tool but does not necessarily replace other reconstruction analyses.

For more information call: (843)343-4542