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Accident Reconstruction Consultants


We invite you to call us and discuss your case issues and challenges as it relates to crash causation, injury magnitude etc. When you call our toll free number, you will receive up to 30 minutes of free advice on how to manage your case from a technical perspective. You can expect MDA consultants to provide honest feedback ( the good, the bad, and the ugly ) which will clarify your choices for the next move.

Should you elect to engage our services, you can expect to receive ongoing advice which is sound, relevant and honest.

Service, support and team work – from start to finish

When you work with MDA you can expect:


  • Timely progress reports
  • Your phone calls to be returned within 24 hours
  • Your emails returned within 24 hours
  • Your technical reconstruction reports delivered ontime
  • Enthusiastic service

Getting Started

To begin working with us, it is as simple as meeting with you in person or by phone, to determine the issues you wish us to technically address, and agreeing on the deadlines and other time constraints imposed by the situation. We will then request from you all the relevant background material and documentation required to fully understand the case. Once we have fully reviewed the case file, we will report to you the results of our preliminary findings, and provide input on the necessity of obtaining other information and data.

Our Reconstruction reports

The reports you receive from our experts, will be complete, succinct, relevant, and in keeping with our original mandate to you. All assumptions will be explained and supported with technical literature. All calculations will be explained and provide a realistic range of values, based on the quality of input data. For example, we do not provide impact speed results with numbers to the right of the decimal point. However, we do not provide such a broad range as to render the results useless for your purposes. We will provide technical conclusions which are supportable and verifiable in any court. We do not shoot from the hip.

What can MDA professionals do to assist you?

MDA professionals will assist you in identifying the issues at hand and making appropriate suggestions for the technical analysis. We will also report to you regularly in whatever format you request.

MDA professionals can use other MDA experts within the organization to address specialized issues or perform tasks which require a particular expertise. Call us anytime to receive professional advice.

For more information on how MDA partners can help you call: (843)343-4542