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Railway Accident Reconstruction

Railway incidents pose a unique set of challenges. MDA RAIL is comprised of railway incidents experts who understand this unique transportation industry with respect to both derailments and collisions with other vehicles.

Detailed Inspections

The investigation of railway incidents, similar to other investigation procedures, involves a combination of thorough data collection, with technology innovation to reach accurate conclusions. MDA experts are highly skilled in the downloading of data from onboard “ black box “ devices.

Our experts understand the complexities of train braking dynamics as well as railway operational procedures which means we can collect and interpret incident data, calculate the dynamics of incidents, and report on how the incident occurred over time, in relation to standard operating procedures.

We can put decades of industry experience and knowledge to work for you, along with impeccable credentials to provide expert assistance on any case.

Specialized Experts

Litigation involving train related incidents requires specialized knowledge. Our experts have experience, and detailed knowledge of the physics of rail related collisions.

To reconstruct and understand the forces at play at a railway incident you need specialized knowledge. That is why MDA has specialized railroad experts to provide the knowledge required for an accurate and professional reconstruction.

What can MDA do for you?

Our railroad recons have the tools and skills required to discern between a human error or material failure. They provide detailed reports and give testimony in court.

MDA are world class experts in for railway accidents.

For more information call: (843)343-4542