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Bio mechanical

Bio mechanical Engineering and Reconstruction

Some cases require a detailed analysis of the intricate interplay between human and mechanical elements. MDA’ bio-mechanical engineer can establish the severity of the crash and decipher if forces in the collision were significant enough to result in injuries as claimed.

What is Bio mechanics?

Bio-mechanics is the application of mechanical principles to living organisms.

In the context of crash reconstruction, bio-mechanical analyses can allow a more detailed understanding of the forces as they act upon the human body, given the understanding of the overall inter-vehicle forces at play. For example, a common issue is whether or not the forces generated by a vehicle collision are of sufficient magnitude to precipitate an injury to an occupant. A bio-mechanical analysis will reveal the level of forces as they act upon the body, and more specifically, the injured human body component.

For example, a bio-mechanical analysis can reveal whether or not a pedestrian might have sustained lesser injuries had the striking vehicle been traveling at a lower velocity. To complete that type of analysis our experts understand the limitations of the human body at a musculoskeletal level, and compare those thresholds to the assessed forces in the actual collision.

In most cases, our local MDA experts will assess the crash dynamics and pass that important foundation information to the chosen bio-mechanical expert. This is a great saving in terms of professional fees, as the bio-mechanical expert may not have to travel.

MDA bio-mechanical experts can help you to understand how injuries occurred as a result of any physical event, and provide solid testimony to support our findings.

Common issues we deal with include:

Low speed impact analyses
– detailed determination of the likelihood of injury

Seat belt and airbag usage analyses
– determination of the usefulness given crash force levels

Spinal injuries
– determination of the likelihood of serious injuries occurring in crash scenarios vs possibility of existing injuries

Head injuries
– determination of the impact forces in relation to sustained or claimed injuries

In all of these cases, the goal is to quantify the external forces, and then to understand how these forces can or perhaps cannot, cause the bodily injury. Our bio mechanical experts use advanced physics procedures and proven software applications to calculate forces, as well as referencing relavent studies and publications. The specialized knowledge of the mechanical properties of the human musculoskeletal system allows our experts to then predict injury under specific circumstances and report on the likelihood of injury.

What can MDA do for you?

We can provide solid reporting and testimony to allow you to fully understand the incident, as it relates to injury causation and give you the high level support you need in dealing with the opposing expert.

For more information call: (843)343-4542