MCDEVITT & ASSOCIATION | Commercial Vehicle Accident
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Commercial Vehicle Accident

Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Everyone has seen pictures of horrific semi-truck accidents on the news. However, even after seeing the pictures, most people do not understand the forces involved when a twenty-ton truck and a passenger vehicle collide. Truck crashed into small Car At MDA, we do. Our re-constructionists have extensive experience in mapping and reconstructing commercial vehicle crashes.

Expert Knowledge

Truck accidents are not car accidents involving larger vehicles. Special knowledge and formulas have to be used to reconstruct commercial vehicles crashes considering important factors such as the pivot and the payload.

Finding the cause of the crash

Many accidents involving commercial vehicles are caused by driver fatigue and speeding. We examine all relevant data available such as maintenance records, driver’s logs, black box information and any GPS information that may be available.

Due to the large insurance policies carried by commercial trucking companies, accuracy is key to proper insurance payouts.