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Data Collection hardware

Data Collection hardware

Our re-constructionists are equipped with the latest high tech equipment such as laser total stations that allow us to measure a scene quickly and efficiently. We are also equipped with high resolution digital SLRs and the good old fashioned measuring tape.

Laser total stations enable our accident re-constructionists to measure even the largest accident scenes with millimeter accuracy, resulting in accurate scene diagrams.

Measurement Data from total stations is downloaded directly into the PC/software in order to get the most accurate results. Direct downloading of measurement data enables us to plot data quickly and accurately, resulting in highly accurate accident diagrams and reconstructions, completed in a fraction of the time.

Clear the road faster!

Avoid unnecessary traffic delays and road closures. Have experts collect all data for accurate analyses and reconstructions. Measurement can be supplied in a variety of data formats or as a diagram.

Data Collector

MDA’s partners use ultra portable pocket personal computers (PC). Equipped with a range of software, these weather rugged devices make them an indispensable tool for our experts when it comes to mobile data acquisition. These PC devices are utilized for measuring surface deceleration values or scene geometry, and are equipped for all weather use. When competitors are relying on old data collection methods, MDA’s partners are utilizing this pocket PC technology to minimize human error and increase data collection efficiency. This saves our clients’ money and provides professional and reliable information.

Primary Use:
Collecting evidence,
Data Collector,
Crash calculation,
Statement taking

Total Station

MDA’s partners utilize the most up to date total station equipment available from the surveying industry. The reflector-less total stations (no prism used), allows them to complete scene surveys quickly and accurately. This saves both time and money without compromising the quality of the service. MDA’s partners combine ongoing training and development with the industry’s latest forensic mapping technologies to ensure that clients will receive the most accurate, reliable, and trustworthy depictions of collision scenes possible.

All total station measurements are accurate to within
± 1/16 (2mm) plus 1ppm depending on distance.

Primary Use:
Measuring Accident & Crime Scenes

18,000ft (6km) with prism
1300ft – 3300ft (400m – 1000m) reflector-less

Storage Capacity:
10,000 points

3D Laser Scanner

MDA’s partners have the availability to call on MDA Mapping to provide the surveying industry’s latest technology, 3D Laser Scanning. The benefits of 3D Laser Scanning over conventional total station mapping are that it provides extreme detail without compromising accuracy and it has the ability to measure objects such as visual obstructions not measurable by any other method. MDA’s 3D Laser Scanning service can provide fast, reliable service throughout North America.

Primary Use:
Measuring Accident & Crime Scenes
where high detail or visibility are important.

1000 ft, 300m

Storage Capacity:
50,000 points/sec

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