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Crash Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction Services

Why choose our experts?

Our MDA re-constructionists are the most highly trained and qualified individuals in the industry. The MDAteams standard for qualifications and experience is very high and ensures you are always working with an individual that:

  • has studied the science of crash reconstruction at a certified institute and graduated from specific courses in crash reconstruction
  • is passionate about the science and is an ongoing student
  • has been accepted by the courts as an expert
  • has been accepted by the Board of MDA Global as an expert in the field

MDA experts can provide the answers you need on motor vehicle crash cases including:

  • Impact speeds
  • Point of impact placement
  • Magnitude of impact
  • Time distance analysis
  • Dynamic sight line analysis
  • Who was driving?
  • Seat belt usage – would it have helped? – Were they in use?
  • Air bag deployment – black box interpretation and reporting of impact magnitude
  • Is the report of another expert accurate?

What makes us different?

MDA experts use state-of-the-art hardware and software to conduct their technical investigations.

That means that MDA professionals rely whenever possible on sophisticated survey equipment which provides millimeter accuracy in 3 dimensions. Our precision measurements from crash scenes are provided to you as an important component of our standard deliverables.

We come prepared

We DO NOT draw diagrams by hand and use only the very best computer software to model crash scenes in 2D and 3D. Our experts can instantaneously generate a diagram of a scene by downloading measurement data from our total stations to the diagramming software.

Therefore, all measurements taken from the diagrams are precisely accurate and verifiable in court which provides a solid foundation of the calculations that follow.

What can MDA professionals do to assist you?

MDA professionals will assist you in identifying the issues at hand and making appropriate suggestions for the technical analysis. We will also report to you regularly in whatever format you request.

MDA professionals can use other MDA experts within the organization to address specialized issues or perform tasks which require a particular expertise. Call us anytime to receive professional advice.

For more information on how MDA partners can help you call: (843)343-4542